Tired of Working Too Hard?
Putting Your Kids Second (again)
Considering Going Back to Work  so that You Can Make Some "REAL" Money?

From: Jan Ferrante - The Queen of KAOS

Subject: What does it take? 

Dear Fellow Work at Home Mom,
I remember when I first started to get the feeling that things where getting out of control with my new online business.
My head was constantly spinning... I didn't know what to do first... it all seemed "a priority".
I started to lose things and waste precious time looking for them.  Sometimes important things.
I spent too much time on things that did nothing for my bottom line - and let things slide that where
"the money makers". 
My house was a mess, family time was non existent and pizza had become "supper" too often.
How did I get here? This was supposed to be fun. My home business was supposed to be good for our family. And me.
Maybe you are wondering the same thing now. 
You've been giving it your all because if you can make a success of your business, you will truly have the best of all worlds...
Your own income to contribute to the family... Or to support your family... without having to leave the kids in day care and all that goes with it.
You're working hard but nothing is clicking.
Guess what.  

Focused ACTion really does make a difference.

I finally figured out that I was taking the wrong approach. 
  • trying to do everything myself...
  • having no systems in place...
  • never taking the time to FOCUS on what needed to be done and doing it in consistent, bite size pieces...
I saw a huge change in my business, in my family (they noticed it right away) and in my peace of mind.
The funny thing is that it is no harder to do... in fact it is easier... than "winging it".
With a few basic principals and systems in place, it can be so much easier to work and manage your business so that you can do what you really need to do - build your business and enjoy your family.
But it is hard to do it alone. 
So I've created WAHM in Focus to provide you with a weekly FOCUS that will help you to streamline and make your business and family life more efficient, easier and less stressful.
It won't take long to do, 15 minutes per day or less.
The secret is in setting yourself up and working at doing the right things - the right way... rather than working hard at the wrong things - the wrong way.
By signing up for your free subscription to WAHM in Focus, you will receive
  • a full 8 Week Foundational Series to help you to take care of the basics and create the mindset that any successful home business owner needs to have.
At the end of the Foundational Series you will receive...
  • a Weekly Focus - a pfd download that outlines ACTion tasks you can take for the week that will help to improve your productivity based on my own business experience and challenges in the field (and office :0).
It could be an... 
  • Organization or time management task that will truly make operating your business easier and faster.
  • Good business practices that will help you to grow your income.
  • Something that you can DO to make it better.
I like to think with my computer tablet and pen, so some weeks you will receive
  • An actual brainstorming session or process from my own day done with my tablet/pen in mind map/picture format.
  • An audio to help explain the pdf in fuller detail.
A second email on Monday's to remind you of our Weekly Focus topic and let you in on any news or items of interest or resources. 

Anything to cut through the clutter and make it easier. That's what it's all about.

All the tasks will be simple to do if you take 5 - 15 minutes per day for 5 days to get in the habit of them. 

As a WAHM in Focus subscriber you will also receive big savings on my products as well as your own FREE blank Home Biz BOOST template with instructions to make it work for your business.
Personalize it to become your own best productivity tool.
It's my number one, can't do without, sanity and business saver! You'll also receive a deep discount on the complete system that I use myself.
5 - 15 Minutes per day
can add up to a lifetime
of achievement.
Don't let it pass you by.
With even a small bit of
you can feel better at the end of the day... and start looking forward to what you can achieve tomorrow.

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You will be amazed at how it's the little things that add up to big changes
Almost by themselves once you get onto it.
It really is that easy with a little bit of guidance and support.
You're not alone out there!  Take a step with me... and then another... and another.
Join me in making your home business run smoother and get more done... one step at a time.

Your partner in ACTION,

Jan Ferrante
The "Queen of KAOS"
P.S. Easily improve your business in small bite size pieces, every week. 
Don't forget, if you subscribe now you will receive your own blank Home Biz BOOST template with instructions. You can personalize it to become your own best productivity tool.

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