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Looking for a complete organization system?  Maria Gracia, a work at home mom herself, of "Get Organized Now" has been a favourite source of organizing information for me for a long time. 
You can use it to record your To Do list tasks, goals, grocery list items, cleaning schedule, movies you want to see, exercises you plan to do, and all the other stuff.
The excel version can be filled in on your computer - nifty! Or you can get the PDF version to print out and fill in by hand. 
Place all of these things in your binder with your TAKE 5 - Home Base ACTion Plan notes and you will have everything you need in one place, that is a load off!
Or you can get the printed version which comes with a binder, dividers and all the fun stuff. 
So often, these types of things end up on scraps of paper, sticky notes and in a stack of notebooks.

I highly recommend you get everything together and consolidated in one place, once and for all.
It's really one of the best things you can do to get organized right from the start, and save your sanity (not to mention a lot of time searching and a lot of frustration when you loose those notes that grow legs and walk away!).
Find out more about "Easy Organizer" by Maria Gracia.

Do you want to really get rolling with more tips and better yet - the full system to get your house and your life back in control?

 If there is one thing I have learned, it is that the magic key to keeping a home under control (or as close as it gets) is through the use of a system, and using the system consistantly.
It sounds so hard, but actually, it is so much easier than being scattered and unfocused, it's almost crazy not to have realized it before.
I find that when I stick to my extremely simple system (if it wasn't extremely simple, it wouldn't work for me!), the benefits amaze me every day. I can keep my house (with 3 floors, 3 kids, 2 dogs and 6 cats) clean enough for company on about 1 hour per day with 20 minutes thrown in during the evening.
That suits me because I'm finding that I don't really enjoy doing housework - at least not when it is out of hand.  But when it is done regularly, it never gets that way and never seems a chore, rather it is kind of fun to "buff it up" every day.
My whole family is calmer and happier, and I am too
"Take 5" subscribers  get Premier Pricing for my  "The Queen of KAOS at Home" eGuide. Don't miss out, I'm sure this information will be a big help to you and your family - and you may even find it entertaining too.

I’ve always wanted to know the “secret” to keeping things the way "natural born “clean freaks” seem to do it, with seemingly very little effort.
Clean Your House in Half the TimeThen I saw an ebook called “Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak”.
It was a must have, and I wasn’t disappointed, Carole Pagan spills the beans in a very practical and down to earth style. One of my favourite cleaning ebooks.  She also has a great newsletter.

If you thinking that you've got so much to do that  you just want to skip the piles and go back to bed, this guide may be just what you need.
Clean Your House in Half the TimePractical, from the trenches advice on how to organize your life for more time for yourself and your family.
The "Mom's Talk Guide to Organizing Your Life and Finding More Time",  is packed full of ideas to help you out. 
Hey, it's written by moms, for moms.  They won't steer you wrong. 
But wait.
Don't buy an ebook if you are not going to use it?  Information and knowledge are key, but you need to ACT on it or it is just more clutter.
What's the best way to use it?
Pick your favourite tips, and write them in your ACTion planner so that you are sure to do them!

I have been a huge fan of Brian Tracy for a very long time. Although he doesn't "do housework", he does do personal development, organization and motivation, and he does it very well.
Brian Tracy Personal Success
Since that is the motor behind our willingness to ACT, I thought it important to include him in our list of resources.
I own several of his products in my own personal collection - there are so many to choose from that  I don't know if I will ever have them all, but I'm trying!
I listen to them again and again.    There is so much information that I never bore of them and learn something new every time
You can see a listing of many of his personal success ebooks and programs to choose from - "Eat That Frog" being one of my favourites - and it's true although not very tasty! 

 Aurelia Williams has put out a guide on a subject that has a lot of us baffled in her Real Life Guidance series. It's calledUnderstanding Your Teen "Understanding Your Teen" for those of us who just don't understand :0) 
I think I was one once, but I reserve the right to silence on the grounds that it may incriminate me!
In case you don't know who Aurelia is, she is a life coach with some excellent parenting advice. I've listened to her on numerous radio shows and always come away with a good idea or two on parenting my kids.
If you have a teen and would like some ideas on teen issues and to take advantage of what my be the last few years to influence the kind of adult they become ...and what to do with them when they are off the phone... check this guide out.
I will be having more on Aurelia later, she really is fantastic and offers a number of parenting, mom and life tools.
Only $7, this includes 3 bonus guides as well.  I've purchased it myself and can only say that if you are a parent to teens, this is some of the best value you will find on the internet!  Your teens will thank you.
And if you have friends with teens, do them a favour, and tell them too!

Real Life Guidance - "Finding More Family Time" by Aurelia Williams.
This is a big issue Finding More Family Timefor me, both because I often feel that I a do not make enough time for family, especially as the kids get older, and because I think it is a huge issue for society in general these days
A return to family time and focus is of utmost importance to our kids and the world! 
Think Big!  They're only young once (and not for very long at that).
If you have one regret in life, don't make it that you missed out on your family when you had the chance.
This could be the best money you'll ever spend. Only $7! What else could you better spend your money on?

If you've ever considered a life coach, Aurelia may be exactly who you are looking for, especially if you are a mom. She has great advice and solutions to give, very practical, tried, tested and true!
You can get more information and even sign up for a free coaching session just to see how it goes.


Want to make meal planning easy for you and your family?
Sign up for our FREE information series - Meal Time... On Time - Meal Planning Made Easy.
It's all about to helping you to make meal time easier, more enjoyable and nutritious for you and your family. 
Meal Time On Time - Meal Planning Made Easy
Included -
Day 1... Taking Stock
Day 2... It Saves Time
Day 3... It Saves Money
Day 4... The Basics of Planning
Day 5... Creating An Easy Grocery List
Day 6... The Biggest Hurdle

Picky eaters! I have 3 of them.
Picky Eaters Tips
 I assume it is probably something I have done as I never have been much of an enforcer or "food forcer" after my memories of having to eat everything on my plate, even cabbage rolls (those where gaggers!). 
As it is so important to get kids to eat right, and very hard when they aren't too fussy on almost anything except pizza pockets and pizza, this was a have to have for me.


The first thing that happens when I clean my sink (and migrate onto dishes and counter) is that I am clear to cook!  One of the biggest benefits is that I once again have the working area to provide good nutrition for my family.
But often I just don't know what to make.
So I decided to join a few menu services and get a few ebooks to help me out. Over the next few days I will share my finds with you.
The first one I got was  Healthy E Meals because they not only have 31 healthy lunch ideas as a bonus (as well as another 31 healthy snack ideas) but they also have fitness tips and motivation, cook free meals and a list of other items that will make healthy eating easier.

Just what I need!

One thing we don't want to fall behind on as parent is our children's health, but it isn't easy to provide healthy meals on a consistant basis.

After having a good look around, the one thing that strikes me as being incredibly useful is the potential to brainstorm food choices at a glance with my daughter.

I will be printing some of these ideas so that we can pull them out when planning any meal really, lunches included, and decide together what to have. (recipes are also included)

If you are stuck and looking for a resource to help you create a healthier meal and lifestyle plan, you should check it out. The owner also donates 10% company profits to charity.
Get Healthy E Meals

Another recipe ebook that I recently purchased to add to my collection is "Kid Approved Meals".
For me the hardest part is getting the kids to eat what I make. Part of the trick is to include them in the planning and making process, the other part is to make simple meals that they enjoy in the first place.

Kid Approved Meals
That's what I like about "Kid Approved Meals", they are kid approved! That cuts the struggle at mealtime and allows us all to relax a bit.
All of the recipes are made so that you can sub your own healthy choice (whole wheat, low fat etc) if you like.
It comes with two bonus ebooks as well. "Family Brunch" expands the recipe selection, and "Fun With Food" is worth the price alone if you have kids up to about 10 who still enjoy doing crafts and table play (that doesn't mean food fight!)


You may be interested to know that Christine also has a monthly meal planning service for those of you who like to have something new to look forward to every month or find it hard to come up with variety at meal time.

Are you Meal Planning Yet?A unique feature of her program is the forum where Christine is available to answer your questions at any time, providing support and helping you to get full benefit from your membership.
The benefits of having good food on the table as well as a family mealtime are long lasting. 
Christine helps with all of that and makes it easy, providing the following recipe catagories every month: 
  • Family Friendly
  • Health Conscious
  • Vegetarian 
As a member you also have access to her expert columnists, a community forum, a Culinary Exloration section and other unadvertised bonuses.
Just like every other aspect of managing you house, planning is important to success... and it tastes good!

Want to make meal planning easy for you and your family?
Sign up for our FREE information series - Meal Time... On Time - Meal Planning Made Easy.
It's all about to helping you to make meal time easier, more enjoyable and nutritious for you and your family. 
Meal Time On Time - Meal Planning Made Easy
Included -
Day 1... Taking Stock
Day 2... It Saves Time
Day 3... It Saves Money
Day 4... The Basics of Planning
Day 5... Creating An Easy Grocery List
Day 6... The Biggest Hurdle