Are You Ready for a Fresh Start?

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, a Fresh Start can always be beneficial in at least one and often more areas of your life.

How about one now?

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Here's How It Works

After you sign up you will receive access to the Fresh Start membership area.

This is where you will find all of your instructions, printables, videos and audio recordings as you need them and to print and use as often as you like throughout the coming year.

You will also receive email notifications and reminders to keep you on track as you progress and to inform you of new resources within your membership area.

Every year I like to refine and add to the program so that it just keeps getting better, this year is no exception!

              Are You Ready?

Week One we will pause with Reflections... a short but sweet look back over the               

past year with a mind to identify and remember your wins and lessons learned, to help you to continue to travel in the direction that you would like to go in the year ahead - with clarity and direction.

Not only is this a great tool for the coming months, it can be a wonderful record to help you to walk down memory lane and see how far you've come over the years. 

One of my favourite yearly traditions.

It's quick and easy - but effective, I promise!

Week Two will be focusing on setting you free. Free of the things that you have been tolerating, maybe without even realizing. 

Take a weight off! Now is the time.

This can be one of the single most important things that you can do to reduce stress and take control back of your life. 

Your Life.

Get some of those hangers on out of your hair once and for all and finally move ahead.

It is surprisingly easy to get some major monkeys off your back once you put your mind to it. 

Week Three we will be taking a look at the big picture of your life. 

Getting into the nitty gritty of identifying your 'Big Rocks' - the things you'd really like to focus on achieving over the coming 6 months and the tools to take it on, step by step.

Overcome those nagging distractions and seemingly endless detours to find your hearts desire and achieve it, one day at a time.

     What's Your Hearts Desire?

Week Four you will be given the tools to help you to stay on track and achieve them with a simple but comprehensive system of planner sheets that you can use again and again.

Tips and tricks to make them work for you instead of being one more thing that you need to manage and feel guilty about.

Including weekly reminders for a full year to help you put them to the best use and put time on your side for a change.

You'll wonder what you ever did without them!

NEW! Video Instruction and Audio for every new section to make it easy and a little more fun. 

Save time. Listen and do. 

And remember...

You are not alone

Over The Next 12 Months you will receive motivation and tips to help you to stay focused and get the most from your Fresh Start.

Ask yourself how you would like to feel this time next year

...and do something about it now.



One thing I know from personal experience (I am the Queen of KAOS after all!)

is that one of the biggest reasons for stress and disappointment is procrastination.

Don't procrastinate on this opportunity to help you to get and stay on track over

the next 12 months. 




If it doesn't work for you, any time over the next 30 days you can ask me for a 

full refund and you will get it, no questions asked. 


These days overwhelm is the new normal... 

And the stress of it is just not healthy. 

Or happy...


Includes everything above to help you to an amazing Fresh Start throughout 2014. 

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Jan Ferrante



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