Clean Your House Once and For All and Keep It That Way...   

Let's face it.

You were not born to a life of drudgery.

It just seems to have turned out that way!

If you are feeling like there is no end to the mess or are simply looking for a better way clean your house and keep it that way, I'm here to help.

The past two decades of being a mom of 3 and auntie of 5 has taught me a lot by hands on experience about what to do... and what not to do... to help you to maintain your sanity, create a peaceful functional home and have some time to do what we all should be doing... enjoying it!

Are You Ready For a Secret?

The No KAOS Zone is not really about KAOS.

It's about creating a well organized, clean and comfortable home... setting a good example and changing your habits to make them work for you.

It's about getting off the housework hamster wheel... functioning at your best and feeling great about what you do.

Tools to help you to create a personalized quick and easy housework schedule, decide on the important chore lists - chuck the rest! and help you to quickly do what you need to do to keep your house clean are waiting for you in 'the Zone'. And a lot more!


Clear spaces and happy faces, here you come!





It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, a Fresh Start can always be beneficial

in at least one and often more areas of your life.

How about one now?

Sign up for your No KAOS Zone membership today and you will also get

my Fresh Start 2012 program to help you to get the important things done

with minimal muss and fuss.

Yours completely free.

Find out all about Fresh Start here...

There is no better time than right now

to get a Fresh Start!

My Story of KAOS

What's In The Zone...

BOOST Simple Housework System: This is the simple housework system that I created and use myself to keep my house presentable and organized. Nothing else works for me like my Daily BOOST! I hope that you will try it so that you can see for yourself the difference it makes in your home, your family and your life. 
21 DAY 'Zone' CHALLENGE: You will want to hit the ground running (or vacuuming) so first up you will have the opportunity to participate in the 21 Day 'Zone' Challenge - the challenge is to use your BOOST Housework Simple Housework System (our core 'get it done' tool) consistently for the first 21 days. Everyone who completes the challenge wins a prize!

3 Weekly Personal Check Ins: Your first month will include a short weekly check in email that you will send to me and I will reply with any feedback or support to help you stay with it to help you with accountability and fellowship. It's optional of course, but I highly recommend that you try it. Accountability and companionship are two very big components of success in any area - including keeping a clean house.

One Day A Week Is For Fun: Boredom and burnout are our worst enemies in trying to stay on top of things so we will be switching things up for a day out of every with a 'get it done game' to keep things fun and fresh. Don't worry, it's nothing like charades or pin the tail on the donkey, each game is short, simple and doable (like most everything in 'the Zone') and designed to help you easily focus on one area in particular each week.

Printable Checklist Packs: Download these to you computer and print them out to use as you wish any time. A checklist for almost any occasion to help keep your home in order and your family organized. 

No KAOS Zone Members Only 'ROOMS': So that you will always have something interesting to keep you motivated, you will have access to a series of 'rooms' just for you and your fellow members where you can go to watch videos, download audios, read how to articles, choose a get it done game and get printables for your 'center of the universe', your No KAOS Zone binder.

Little Luv Letters: A few times weekly you will receive an email from me with a short but sweet thought, resource or inspiration to help you to stay tuned and on track.

 NEW FEATURE - GO Groups!, as a No KAOS Zone member, you can call your own GO Group anytime - Go Groups are a hands on, interactive tool available to you to set a time, meet with others and Go! GO Groups are a great way to make friends, create accountability, have some fun and get things done!

NEMEMBER FREEBIES AND DISCOUNTS: I am adding the the Queen of KAOS tools and resources. As a No KAOS Zone member, you will often get to try them first, free of charge or receive 50% discounts on all new programs and ebooks offered at the Queen of KAOS website.

ISHINE COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP: Basic membership is free, No KAOS Zone members get additional access and functionality to help you to make the most of your membership features. Interact with other members, create your own online journal or blog and get additional hands on support.

Earn back your membership and more: If you enjoy the program and find it helpful, members are given a special link to share with friends and acquaintances that will allow you to earn 50% of their membership fees as many times as you want. That means that you can not only get yours for free, you can even pay some bills while you help people you care about.


It Doesn't End There

The No KAOS Zone is an ongoing home and personal success system designed to keep you moving forward quickly and easily.

To allow you to 'get in and get out', and get on with the good things in your life and enjoying your home while you do them.

  • it's simple.
  • it's fun.
  • it's easy - even the kids can do it.
  • it's fast
  • it's ongoing.

No KAOS Zone

Monthly Ongoing Support

The NO KAOS Zone is a monthly program that I've put together to give you ongoing help and tools you need to improve your life and that of your family through mastering the things you need to do at home quickly and easily so that you can have guilt free time to do what's important for YOU as well.

At the end of the day, it won't be the piles you will be remembered for, it will be the smiles.  


Don't miss your chance to make lasting changes in your home and in your life if you are struggling with too much clutter, mess and disorganization.

I was there too, that's how the system was born - it was do or die under a pile somewhere!
Things didn't change over night, but they did change quickly once I started to focus and to be consistent in my actions.
I started to do that when I realized the power of having a simple system and after the first few days I saw such a difference that I started to BELIEVE in myself and that it could get better.
And it did.

It can for you too.

Here's an email that I received.

This is exactly why I do what I do, I hope that some day YOU will be sending me one too!


Hi Jan,

Thanks again for helping people like me.

It is hard to find a program that works but yours certainly does.

After all that your program has done for me and making my house a clean and organized home, I owe you and appreciate you more than you will ever know. 

I wasted so much money and time trying to find something that worked for me that I was being to feel defeated and hopeless.  Then I found you (completely by accident). 

I thank the Good Lord everyday for the help, hope, and happiness your system has brought to my life and my home. 

I know no matter how much Kaos comes into my home I have the solution to deal with it.  I now have the tools to maintain my home the way I have always wanted to. 

I can NEVER thank you enough.
Forever Thankful,

Here's a recap of what you will receive inside the No KAOS Zone during Month One/Phase One of the program.

BOOST Simple Housework System

21 Day 'Zone' Challenge

Weekly check in with me personally for the first three weeks.

Access to the growing library of Video, Audio, Printables and Checklists and Get It Done Games for you and your family.

Weekly Saturday Morning Sunshine exclusive membership newsletter to help you stay motivated and on track as we add to the program.

Deep discounts on future add on units such as indoor gardening, budgeting, freezer cooking, meal planning and many more.

Ongoing support to help you get it done and stick with the program.

New items added regularly to keep you motivated and to USE the program.

 iShine Community special membership benefits.

GO GROUPS! Create your own as your schedule suits you or join in with pre-existing groups to help you to get going. The more the merrier!


That's Month One - Phase One

With your ongoing membership you will continue to cycle through the 4 Phases, each enhancing and building on each other.

It just keeps getting better.


Hi Jan,

First of all, thanks very much for the BOOST Housework Circuit update.  I must say that this version is easier to follow than the previous one, and I like the little pushes of encouragement that you give me!

When hubby comes in, I like him to think that the house is looking presentable because I've been putting so much work into it, and really, clever routines and tips that have to be done consistently are the basis of "My Clean House".

I'm still carrying out the Take 5 missions which are AWESOME, and every second day I give the Spring into Spring Challenge a go.

Please keep me up-to-date with your plan for Queen of Kaos, and all your amazing ideas (Quick tidy list you posted is up on my fridge!!)

All the best and many thanks,

The No KAOS Zone Promise

There are a hundreds of cleaning books and programs available on the internet these days. I believe that support and a simple step by step plan are crucial to USING the information. After all, no matter how good it is, it's just words on paper if you read it and never use the information in your life. 

That's why I created the No KAOS Zone - to help you to take the words off of the page - or computer screen - and USE them to make a real difference in your life. Keeping your home clean and organized - and staying on a system to do it may seem like a small thing, but it can make a huge difference in your home and your family's level of happiness through less stress, better organization and the feeling of peace it brings you.

I also wanted 'the Zone' to be a place that everyone can afford to go,so I have kept the price well below the typical cost of a package like this. I am able to do this because there are so many of us who need something like this. Be sure to check out the affiliate program that is included so that when you share it with your friends and they enter 'the Zone' you will receive 50%.

Between the low monthly cost and the chance to earn money by sharing, there really is no reason not to try it.

I want you to succeed, and you can by joining us in the No KAOS Zone.

If you give it a try and you don't find that your house is cleaner and that you are happier you can cancel your membership at any time.

I really don't want you or your family to miss out on the memories or the years of peace and happiness that you can have from making one small change.

It's in your hands.


Get In The No KAOS Zone

For 12 Months

One Low Annual Payment

Monthly payments to get in 'the zone' are already as low as I could realistically keep them, but I wanted to go one better!

If you prefer to pay one very low annual fee, you can become a No KAOS Zone member for a full 12 months - for only $50.

I did the math (ok, I used a calculator) and that is $4.66 a month - less than half the monthly membership price.

The return on your investment is really beyond monetary measure, all I can say is that you can't beat this deal if you are looking for help in creating inner peace and a happy home - that's really what it's all about, isn't it?

If you decide over the 12 month period that you would rather not renew, you can cancel your subscription payment at any time and will not be rebilled and will have access to full membership benefits until your yearly term runs out.

If you decide that you would like to cancel, it's easy to do. You can either cancel your payment your self directly through your paypal account at any time or you can email your request and it will be cancelled for you immediately.

You can get help using this Contact Form or email customer-care (at) anytime you need it.

If you prefer to stay, you will be automatically billed for the same amount, the same time next year. You have an entire year to try it out and decide.

And you can start today.

Bottom Line?

I'm a mom too, with many years of experience through the ups and downs of trying to do it all and a little bit more. I've been stay at home, work at home, work away from home, married mom and single mom, little kids, big kids and all the years in between.

There's not much I haven't done it seems!

In that time of trial and error (oops!) I've come up with something that works and I want you to have it too. 

Low Yearly Payment Option

To Get In 'The Zone' for 12 Months



Please Note: Payment will show as SKNaturals - that's me!


Jan Ferrante - Queen of KAOS 

Got 5 Minutes?

Try TAKE 5 to receive a daily 5 Minute Clean Up Task

Guaranteed quick and easy.